Malée Natural Science Peppersage Room Mist

Peppersage Room Mist

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A delightfully enigmatic room spray. Inspired by centuries of African philosophy and local traditions, this room fragrance invokes the spirit of the continent with warm spice and woody notes.

Bring home the inspiring natural scents of Africa and its active ingredients with this invigorating room spray.


Woody    Spicy    Balanced

Honestly Beautiful

Unique Scent Experience. This warming scent opens with spicy black peppercorn balanced with aromatic woody notes of clary sage.

How To Use

  • The perfect room mist to turn your house into a home sweet home. 
  • Spray into the air for an instant burst of fragrance or lightly spritz onto linen, upholstery and clothing for long-lasting freshness.

Conscious Luxury

Conscious Luxury. Our room sprays have been carefully designed to create beautifully scented spaces. While we have made every effort to use as many active ingredients as possible, we do recommend taking certain precautions when using this product. The high concentration of fragrance oils may cause irritation to skin and eyes. Do not spray directly onto skin or inhale the mist directly. This product is highly flammable. Keep away from open flames and other heat sources. Malée’s skin care, aromatherapy and beauty products are eco-friendly: we are as kind to the environment as we are to your skin. We only use what your body needs, rather than unnecessary mineral oils, animal-derived ingredients and many known allergens. Our natural products are silicone and paraben free. Sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan products and recyclable materials.


SIZE : 100ml

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Malée Natural Science - Zero waste recycling    Malée Natural Science - Beauty without cruelty    Malée Natural Science - Carbon footprint

Beauty should not come at a cost to others. We never test on animals or use any animal-derived ingredients. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint that is why we use recyclable and reusable packaging.

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Packaging & Recycling

This product is made with 100% recyclable materials.

Finished with your product? We recommend recycling our packaging. Please separate the components before recycling, empty the contents and rinse the packaging thoroughly to minimise contamination. Upcycle the packaging to make a vase, store jewellery, hair accessories and nick nacks.


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