Skin care: 5 ways to boost your mood this spring 

Scientific studies have shown a powerful link between scents and our emotions − so putting on the right fragrance really can lift your spirits! By stimulating the release of pleasure hormones like serotonin and dopamine, feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness simply float away on a fresh spring breeze.

aromatherapy bath time, fragrance and skin care products

Malée’s range of aromatherapy bath time, fragrance and skin care products are scientifically formulated with a blend of organic botanicals and natural essential oils that soothe, nourish and replenish your skin and senses.

  1. Put a spring in your step

Delightfully uplifting and refreshing, Verdure Eau de Perfume takes you on an exhilarating journey through the lush mangroves, earthy forests and dewy wetlands of Africa. Scientifically formulated with 30% pure fragrance oils, Verdure opens with a bright, energising burst of citrus, followed by refreshing mint grounded in warm, earthy patchouli.

In addition to the invigorating citrus boost, the rich, intoxicating aroma of patchouli works as an irresistible aphrodisiac. By stimulating the production of testosterone and oestrogen, patchouli can give your libido a sensual boost. Its hypnotic effects also result in a deep sense of relaxation that coax your body and mind into restorative sleep.

Add a spritz of Verdure Eau de Perfume to your pulse points, including your collarbone, back of the neck, hairline, wrists and the back of your knees. Be sure not to rub it in, as this will decrease the longevity of the scent. Due to your scalp’s natural oiliness, spraying perfume on your hair holds it better, causing the fragrance to last longer.

2. Spring clean your skin

All those chunky winter woollens have kept your skin cooped up, resulting in dryness and dullness. Spruce up your skin with our award-winning organic Body Scrub. The gentle yet effective combination of multi-grain natural salt, skin-loving essential oils and sugar with naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids buffs away skin bumps and combats acne on your arms and back. Gently massage your damp skin with a dollop of exfoliating scrub just after showering or bathing. As the scrub melts away a season’s worth of dry skin, the fresh fragrance of Verdure fills the air, invigorating your senses as you exfoliate.

3. Radiant rooms

Spruce up your home and bring the lush scents of Africa indoors with Verdure Room Mist. Spray a light mist on pillows and linen to scent bedding and act as a relaxing pillow and room spray. Spritz on curtains or blinds to emanate a hint of scent whenever a gentle breeze drifts through the window. Lightly mist in drawers and closets to revive tired storage areas. Spray the inside of your suitcase before packing to keep clothes smelling fresh until you arrive. You can also gently spritz on the radiator to diffuse the scent throughout the room as the warm air rises.

4. Lighten the mood 

Enjoy the lingering scents of springtime well into the evening with our Scented Candles. Each candle is crafted using 100% natural soybean oil that burns for up to 50 hours. Furthermore, as the wax melts, it transforms into a warm, scented oil that can be used as a luxurious body moisturiser or massage oil. Light the wick and set the mood for a vibrant dinner party or sink into a steamy bath as the flickering light casts a glowing ambience. In addition to its soothing properties, Patchouli is also known to repel insects, making it a perfect scented complement to outdoor picnics too.

5. Just glow with it

As the weather warms up, skirts, short sleeves and peep-toe shoes start to make more of an appearance − and so does your skin. Embody the spirit of spring with our multipurpose, all-natural Verdure Moisturising Oil. Boasting a potent blend of super-concentrated essential oils renowned for their nourishing, restorative and healing properties, this 5-in-one wonder product can be used on your hair, nails, skin, hands, and in the bath time to give you a healthy all-over glow. With its antiseptic properties, patchouli oil has been used for centuries in Asia to treat damaged and irritated skin. Add a few nourishing drops to your bath water. Apply liberally onto your skin, hands and nails whenever you need an intense moisture boost, or use it as a pre-shampoo to replenish frizzy dry hair.

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