Skin care: Our beauty travel essentials and top tips

Malée’s guide to your ultimate skin care travel essentials.

Flying can make your skin both dry and super dehydrated. 

Warm seasons are a great time to travel and long haul flights are commonplace for some quality time in the sunshine. However, before getting to your destination, it’s important that you ensure you’ve packed the right kind of pre-flight and post-flight skin care products.

Your skin can become irritable and flaky pretty quickly due to the pressurised, recycled and recirculated cabin air, drawing out moisture from your skin quicker than when you’re not a few thousand feet in the sky. Caring for your skin before take-off, during your flight and post-landing at your destination is the key to keeping that healthy skin glow.

Before you fly, it’s really important to keep you hydrated and your skin moisturised. Depending on the length of your flight, you could find that your skin has turned its back on you and you’re beginning to get itchy, your t-zone is as dry as ever and your hands are chapped.

Our top flight beauty tips to ensure you’re hydrated and your skin is moisturised? Here are our top skin care flight essentials that should make it to your carry on luggage:

Moisturising Oil


Oils make for good travel essentials. Versatile, lightweight and multi-use. Our Moisturising Oil is the ultimate beauty solution for your skin, hair and nail repair needs. It’s intensely moisturising and boasts a potent blend of super concentrated natural oils renowned for their nourishing, restorative and healing properties. Airplane cabins have really low and awful humidity, so applying an oil that’ll deliver moisture and hydration is key. Rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids and skin tightening peptides, it’s the all-in-one skin care and beauty product you simply cannot do without.

Not only do we recommend applying our Moisturising Oil to your face and neck, we’d also advise you to apply it to your arms (especially your elbows, these can dry up pretty quickly. Quicker than you think, actually!) and hands. Most people will continuously sanitise their hands during a flight and, if you don’t have a sanitiser that can also provide moisture, then your hands will be dryer than ever. Apply our oil to your dry hands to ensure that you’re getting that much-required moisture and your hands are not chapped and tired.

Upon arriving at your destination, wipe away any plane grime and wake up your skin by washing off any excess. Once you’ve done this, add a layer of our Malée Moisturising Oil to the areas you deem necessary.

Because holidays aren’t complete without a spa treatment. Skip the ‘spa near me’ Google search and just add a few drops to your warm bath to add in extra moisture.

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Do you have any tips for flights? Let us know below!