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6 steps to make the transition to natural skin care products

Chemicals. Compounds. Properties. They’re not just buzzwords used in science class but what makes up the beauty products you use on your skin care routine. But how often do you consider what are the ingredients of the creams, oils and scrubs you use all over your body? Regardless of your skin type or condition, natural ingredients are the safest and surest way to ensure you’re treating your skin in the best way possible. But with so many natural skin care products to choose from and a myriad of ingredient labels, how on Earth do you make the transition? Fear not. We’ve put together this handy guide full of beauty tips and Malée products to ease your transition to natural skin care products in 6 simple steps.

  • Decide what needs to be replaced

It’s impossible to cut out traces of chemicals and harmful ingredients altogether, especially in one go. The best way to go about it is by going through your current skin care routine and evaluating the ingredients and chemicals inside each product. Ingredients to stay clear of include parabens, mineral oils and silicones.

  • One natural product at a time

Your skin takes a while to adapt, so it’s best to try one product at a time. Learn about the best natural ingredients for your skin type.

For example, cocoa seed butter is a great alternative to ingredients found in artificial moisturisers and exfoliates. Rich in vitamin E and sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter can be found in our Conditioning Body Scrub. Incorporate it into your routine once per week to buff away dead skin cells and reveal smooth skin. It’s the sugary treat your skin needs! If you find you get on with this exfoliating replacement, stick with it and move onto your next beauty swap.

  • Use skin care samples and DIY recipes

It might be a good idea to trial samples first to ensure you’re not overwhelming your skin with ineffective ingredients. Test out a range of different options and get handy in the kitchen by creating easy DIY homemade recipes. Avocado face masks are nourishing and full of vitamin E and fatty oils, which make skin look and feel healthier. It’ll inject the necessary skin-loving nutrients and moisture back in your skin.

Simply mash up one avocado and add a tablespoon of honey. If it’s a match made in Heaven, introduce your skin to vegan skin care containing avocado oil such as our Verdure Anti-aging Hand Cream.

  • Embrace essential oils

You may be weary of changing to natural beauty products without chemicals because of the changes to the appearance of your skin. Introduce yourself to scents and essential oils instead. Add a drop of our Verdure Moisturising Oil to a bath and breathe in the soft aroma. It will ease muscle pains and aches and moisturise your skin while you lay back and relax. Experiment with different formulas to find the blend that suits you.

  • Take your time

The key to a successful skin care product swap is patience. Although you can expect some results overnight, giving your skin epidermis some time to renew itself – at least 28 to 30 days to see long-lasting results. It will be worth it, we promise. Happy, healthy skin awaits, inside and out.

  • Your skin type is the key

Enjoy optimal results with the right combination of natural active ingredients for your skin. Different ingredients have different effects, so be sure you have a good understanding of your skin type before making the change. Swap out inactive ingredients with the goodness of the earth.

A cheat sheet to get you started

  • Silicones: Their silky feeling is very tempting. But they actually create a film that stops active ingredients from fully penetrating the skin.
  • Parabens: Commonly used as a preservative, parabens are inactive ingredients that have been linked to serious health conditions.
  • Mineral oils: Also known as paraffinum liquidum, this is a by-product of crude oil with no skin care benefits.

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