Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and Her


Your perfect Valentine’s Day gift guide?

For your special her, him, a friend or family member, getting the right gift this Valentine’s Day is just your special way of showing love. That’s why we have we have made it easier for you and picked our Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts in our Valentine’s Day gift guide.


Candles are a luxurious and thoughtful gift that can really set the mood for any occasion. Because all candles aren’t created equal. Our candles are made with 100% natural soy bean oil and scented with mood boosting essential fragrance oils. With a burn time of up to 50 hours, you get to enjoy our candles long after Valentine’s Day. Designed to do more than just scent your space and set the mood, use the warm scented oil as a moisturising oil or massage oil. Just dip your fingertips or pour the pool of room temperature oil  and moisturise away for beautifully radiant skin.

  • Malée Peppersage Soy Bean Scented Candle:

The Malée Peppersage candle is a woody, spicy and balanced scent that has been inspired by centuries of African philosophy and local traditions, an enigmatic fragrance that invokes the spirit of the continent with warm spice and woody notes. This luxurious scent would be perfect to gift to a special friend or family member. The African sage channels the spiritual connection between nature and communities to guide their tribes towards ongoing prosperity. A scent that’s inviting and brings people together. Show your friends or family members you’re thinking about them this Valentine’s Day with this Malée candle.

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  • Malée Ochre Soy Bean oil Scented Candle:

This enticing smoky scent leads with notes of spicy clove complemented by warm cinnamon and woody petit grain. Originating in the traditional beauty rites of the Northern Namibian Himba people, this evocative fragrance draws from their deep connection with nature and the hot, dry savanna they call home. A scent that’s warm, spicy and captivating. A fragrance that never fails to make an impression.

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  • Malée Polyanthes Soy Bean oil Scented Candle:

A provocative, sexy, endearing and sensual scent that has been tried, tested, critiqued and praised. Floral notes that capture the essence of African night flowers as they bloom in the moonlight and release their enchanting scent into the cool night air. This intensely alluring scent intertwines soft floral tuberose, gardenia and lotus flower with musky blonde woods and warm vanilla. An enticing fragrance that’s bound to spark romantic engagement; surprise your special someone with this provocative scent. The Mama and Baby Beauty Shortlist Awards discovered this Malée Polyanthes candle as a favourite for aromatherapy and multi-tasking skincare.

“Currently enjoying beautiful floral notes, musky blonde woods, and warm vanilla. Burning Polyanthes by Malée” – Naadine Koi, founder of Well Boxed

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Because beauty products are top of the list in most Valentine’s Day gift guides, here are our favourite picks for the bath time lover;

  • Malée’s Conditioning Body Scrub:

Our award-winning body scrub uses a gentle yet effective combination of multi-grain natural salt, in addition to skin-loving oils and sugar with naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids to draw in moisture, smooth away imperfections and reveal the healthy and youthful skin beneath. Gift the gift of healthy and youthful skin this Valentine’s, we promise it won’t disappoint.

I am never leaving the bathroom again. This Malée Body Scrub is my new favourite thing.” – Poppy Loves, British Travel and Lifestyle Blogger

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  • Malée Moisturising Oil:

The  complete beauty solution to all your skin, hair and nail repair needs. It boasts a potent blend of super-concentrated natural oils renowned for their nourishing, restorative and healing properties. Rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids and skin tightening peptides. It will make the perfect mummy and me gift.

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