Malée products including oil and candle with hair brush and eye mask


Who said taking time out and enjoying a home spa is limited to birthdays, holidays and special occasions? Lately, with the hustle and bustle of life; running Malée in two continents and spending what time that is left with friends and family. Taking time out for a little indulgent pampering has been high on the weekly to-do list. A new commitment, where I give myself ‘Me’ time. Once a week a time to get mind, body and soul connected and just relax!

A little time to read the latest magazine issues, or a few chapters of the current book gathering dust on my bed side table.

I have now personally rebranded bath time as the new ‘Me’ time. Phone on divert, door shut and a chance to turn the bathroom into a zen palace.

In my current ‘Me’ time kit:

1. Malée candles to transform the bathroom from drab to fab; the flickering light of candles and the scent throw off works like a charm. Cathedral effect is my style.


2. I have lost a phone to the bathtub in the past. Lesson learnt! I pick my playlist, plug in my Bluetooth head phones and place my phone on the opposite side of the room. Hands-free, I can focus on relaxation and no chance of the phone somehow ending up in my hands and in the tub.


3. I brush my hair up and whip it into a ponytail.


4. Now the fun begins! Standing over the tub, I scoop out and gently scrub away in circular motions, usually dancing away. Once I am done, I rinse the tub out of the stray granules and run my bath with a few squirts of our bath and shower gel. At the moment Ochre is on rotation. It is just so warm as a scent.


5/6. While the bath is running I grab a book or magazine, which ever tickles my fancy. This time it was Elle UK’s issue featuring Kristen Stewart. Air guitar, shuffle while I wait and a few loud ad-libs because I think I sound like Whitney’s twin in the bathroom with headphones on… and my bath is ready.


7. My playlist has slowed right down, eye mask on, I slip into the bath tub and embrace the aromatherapy experience.


8. Fast forward 20-30mins I am now well into the prune-fingered phase and I am beyond relaxed. Tight muscles eased away and a rinse and towel dry out of the bath. I like to follow up with moisturiser. Bathrobe on and slippers and head straight to the kitchen as all that hard work deserves a snack and beverage. Some more of my magazine, I nod off and I wake up the next morning feeling like I had just been on holiday.


Give it a go this week or weekend and share a pic with us on facebook, twitter or instagram @maleeonline.




Zeze x

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