Hand holding grey Valentines Day gift box with white ribbon


It’s nearly that amazing time of year again. Valentine’s Day at Malée is a special occasion and time for giving and showing your loved ones that you care. Getting the right gift is a must. That is why we have come up with our very own Valentine’s Day must-have essentials to give you a little helping hand. Flowers make the top of our list. Not only do they make everything a little prettier, they smell nice and often carry a special meaning. A favourite of ours is Hoy P’loy, delivered to your front door, they last longer because they are delivered fresh and you can literally watch them till they bloom.


Revive your senses with our Verdure Moisturising oil. Simply add a few drops in the bath while you run it to invigorate your space with the fresh scent of Verdure. Use it as a massage oil for nourished, smooth and soft skin.


A little goes a long way. Our Nourishing Hand Creams are the perfect handbag companion, or bed side table companions for soft hands on those hand-in-hand walks through the park.


If you are not on a February diet and detox isn’t at top of the priority list. We love Honest Chocolate they come in beautifully themed wrappers so you can show your valentine that you have been listening all year.


Flowers, pampering, beautiful hands and chocolates? What a perfect combo for the Valentine’s the day of love. Pull this off and you’ll be in good books until next year…at least!